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Great Options for Pairing White Tiles with Black Grout


If you’re looking for a trendy and stylish finish to your white tile design, black grout could be the perfect choice for you. Black grout can provide a strong contrast for your white tiles and is a popular option amongst modern home decor enthusiasts. In this article, we explore some of the best options for pairing white tiles with black grout.

Understanding Undertones

Before you get started, it’s essential to have a firm grasp of color undertones. Designer Lindsey Machado of Grace & Joy suggests that “undertones are everything”. As a result, it’s crucial to examine your tile color before deciding on a grout color. A cool gray grout should be paired with tiles containing warm grays, while a creamy grout complements stark white tiles. A good understanding of undertones will prevent design disasters.

Proper Installation

It’s not just about color – sealing grout is a vital step in proper installation. Kristina Davis of Letti & Co emphasizes the importance of sealing grout to protect it from dirt and moisture. It also helps to maintain the fresh and polished look of the grout for many years.

Best Options for Pairing White Tile with Black Grout

Black grout is versatile, bold, and can take a white tile design to the next level. Below are some of the best options for pairing black grout with white tiles, according to top interior designers.

Soft Gray

While black grout can add a dramatic touch to your white tiles, too much contrast can be overwhelming. Nishtha Sadana, a designer at NISH, suggests choosing a soft gray grout for a sophisticated look. Soft gray complements a wide range of decor styles, such as modern farmhouse, contemporary, and transitional kitchens.


White grout with white tiles creates a fresh, seamless, and monochrome look. Sadana advises that if you are not looking to make a focal point with the grout lines’ pattern, opting for a white grout that blends in easily, thus making your white tiles stand out and being the ultimate wow factor.

However, Machado warns that white grouts in high-traffic areas can be challenging to maintain, particularly in a kitchen backsplash. Opt for a grout color with a little bit of tone to ensure stains don’t show up easily.

Black or Charcoal

Opting for a dark hue like black or charcoal creates a bold and modern aesthetic. “Choosing a darker and bolder color like charcoal gray or soft black can ultimately add depth to the space.” These hues are particularly smart choices for the bathroom, as they help to hide stains.

Bright Colors

Going bright with your grout color can add fun and liveliness to your space. Beth Martin of Beth R. Martin suggests pairing white tiles with an eye-catching blue or pink grout to add flair to the room. Certain tiles, in particular, will look excellent with bright colors, such as white penny tiles.

Charcoal Blue or Midnight Blue

If you love the color blue but would prefer it in a moody form, charcoal blue or midnight blue may be perfect for your design. “The charcoal blue or midnight blue color can help make the tiles stand out and highlight the patterns with a punch of color.” These hues work well if your kitchen cabinets or island table are in shades of blue-gray, blue, black, or gray.


Black grout is an excellent choice for pairing with white tiles. It creates a bold and modern aesthetic that breathes life into your decor. By understanding undertones and proper installation steps, a stunning finish is guaranteed. Consider the above options and consult with a professional interior designer to achieve your desired design outcome.