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Pastor Keion Henderson Net Worth: Discovering the Wealth of the Lighthouse Church’s CEO

Pastor Keion Henderson is a prominent religious leader, CEO, and founder of The Lighthouse Church & Ministries based in Houston, Texas. In this article, we will delve into the net worth of Pastor Keion Henderson and explore his career, education, and achievements.

Early Life and Education

Keion Henderson was born to Gwen Scott, who worked at Taco Bell to provide for her family. He grew up with three siblings, including an adopted brother and two biological siblings named Terry Brooks and Keionna Henderson. During his high school years at East Chicago High School, Keion was a basketball enthusiast and aspired to become an NBA player. Unfortunately, an injury during a college basketball game forced him to abandon his dreams of playing professionally.

Keion Henderson attended Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2004. He later earned a Master of Theology from Faith Evangelical College & Seminary.

Career and Achievements

After completing his studies, Keion Henderson became the CEO of Tax Solutions, a locally-owned corporation that specializes in tax planning techniques. Tax Solutions provides personalized tax plans for business owners, doctors, dentists, and high net worth families. Keion founded The Lighthouse Church & Ministries in January 2008, and it has grown to become a religious institution with over 12,000 members, five campuses, and 30 ministries.

Keion Henderson’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to launch L3, an accelerator for entrepreneurship, which provides practical applications for success. In addition to his work with the church and L3, Keion Henderson is a respected author, having written a book called “The SHIFT: Courageously Moving From Season to Season.”

His impact on the community has been widely recognized. Keion Henderson was nominated for a Stellar Award for Traditional CD of the Year for his breakthrough album, “The River.” Additionally, he was nominated for a CNN Heroes Award for his work in helming disaster-aid initiatives both locally and internationally.

Pastor Keion Henderson Net Worth

As a prominent religious leader, CEO, author, and entrepreneur, Pastor Keion Henderson has amassed considerable wealth. According to reports, his net worth is estimated to be between $8 million to $10 million USD.


In conclusion, Pastor Keion Henderson is a successful religious leader, CEO, and entrepreneur with a net worth of $8 million to $10 million USD. Through his work with The Lighthouse Church & Ministries and L3, he has made a significant impact on the community and continues to inspire others through his teachings and entrepreneurial spirit.