Joe Burrow Net Worth

Joe Burrow Net Worth: A Comprehensive Look at the NFL Quarterback’s Financial Success


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Early Life and Rise to Fame

Joe Burrow, born on December 10, 1996, in Ames, Iowa, emerged as a prominent figure in football. His net worth is estimated at $10 million, attributed to his successful career as a professional quarterback. Before joining the NFL, Burrow showcased his skills as a star player at Louisiana State University (LSU), where he earned accolades such as the Heisman Trophy and the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship. Notably, in 2022, Burrow led the Cincinnati Bengals to their first Super Bowl appearance in 34 years.

Early Life and Athletic Roots

Born to Jim Burrow, a former football player and coach, and Robin Burrow, Joe Burrow comes from a family with a rich athletic heritage. His grandmother, grandfather, and uncle were all involved in sports, with basketball and football being prominent. Burrow’s passion for sports flourished when he attended the 2002 Rose Bowl, igniting his own journey in youth football leagues. His family moved to various locations, including Fargo, North Dakota, and Athens, Ohio, as his father pursued coaching opportunities. In Ohio, Burrow attended Athens High School, where he excelled as a quarterback and basketball player, leading his football team to three consecutive playoff appearances.

Collegiate Career and Achievements

In 2014, Burrow committed to playing football for Ohio State University. After serving as a backup during his sophomore and junior years, he decided to transfer to LSU in 2018. Burrow’s first year with the LSU Tigers proved to be a tremendous success, earning him two SEC Offensive Player of the Week honors and securing a number-six ranking in the final AP Poll. His second and final year at LSU saw him set numerous school records and culminated in winning the prestigious Heisman Trophy in 2019, with a significant margin of victory. Burrow concluded his extraordinary college career by leading the Tigers to victory in the 2020 National Championship Game against Clemson.

Cincinnati Bengals and Remarkable Achievements

As one of the most highly regarded prospects, Joe Burrow was selected as the first overall pick by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 2020 NFL Draft. Despite a promising start to his rookie season, he faced setbacks due to ACL and MCL injuries in Week 11. However, Burrow made a triumphant return for the 2021-2022 season, leading the Bengals to a successful campaign. Notably, he earned recognition as the AFC Offensive Player of the Week and set a career-high record of 525 passing yards in a single game, making him one of the most promising quarterbacks in the league. Burrow’s exceptional performances helped the Bengals secure their first playoff appearance since 2015 and their first playoff win since 1990, eventually leading them to the historic AFC Championship Game and their first Super Bowl appearance since 1988.

Contracts, Salary, and Franchise Records

Joe Burrow’s rookie contract with the Cincinnati Bengals spans four years, with an option for a fifth year. The total value of the contract amounts to $36,190,137, including a fully guaranteed signing bonus of $23,880,100 and an average annual salary of $9,047,543. Throughout his career with the Bengals, Burrow has set franchise records for completion percentage, passer rating, and passing yards in a single game. Additionally, he shares the record for the most playoff wins with Boomer Esiason and achieved the distinction of being the most-sacked quarterback to win a playoff game, enduring nine sacks during a historic victory.

Personal Life and Future Plans

Beyond his football career, Joe Burrow is an avid fan of Kid Cudi, often listening to the rapper’s music before Bengals games. In a departure from the typical financial habits of professional athletes, Burrow has expressed his intention to save all of his contract money and rely on endorsement income for his day-to-day expenses.


In conclusion, Joe Burrow’s journey from his early days in Ames, Iowa, to becoming a successful NFL quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals showcases his determination, talent, and financial success. With a net worth of $10 million and numerous accolades to his name, including a Heisman Trophy and a Super Bowl appearance, Burrow has established himself as one of the most promising quarterbacks in the league. As he continues to make strides in his career, Burrow’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring athletes and highlights the potential for both athletic and financial achievements in professional football.