downspout drainage ideas

Downspout Drainage Ideas: How to Achieve Better Yard Drainage

Are you tired of having a soggy yard? Standing water not only causes an eyesore but can also damage your property. If you’re experiencing drainage problems, it’s time to take action. In this article, we’ll go over some downspout drainage ideas that can help you achieve better yard drainage.

Simple Fixes

Before taking any drastic measures, try these simple fixes first:

1. Extend the Downspout

Sometimes, downspouts or sump pump discharges that drain into low areas of your yard can cause standing water. Extending your downspout or redirecting the discharge pipe can be a quick and easy solution.

Constructing an In-Ground Drainage System

If a simple fix is not enough to solve your soggy yard problem, you may need to consider constructing an in-ground drainage system. Follow these steps to draw a drainage plan:

2. Draw a Drainage Plan

Start by making a sketch of your property showing the high and low spots. Indicate where water flows and take note of the features that could affect drainage. Keep in mind that you should not direct water onto your neighbor’s property or discharge water into the street without first checking with the city.

3. Build a Creek Bed

If the slope of the ground permits it, a creek bed can help channel water away from a low spot or direct runoff into a rain garden or dry well. Start by making a swale and line it with gravel or stones. Add interest with boulders, a bridge, or plantings.

4. Build a Rain Garden

A rain garden is an area designed to catch water and is filled with water-loving plants. It can hold excess water until it has a chance to drain away. A key part of rain garden design is choosing the right plants for the soil conditions.

5. Install a French Drain

A French drain is a versatile system that disperses water over a large area through a buried perforated pipe. The pipe must be surrounded by material that allows water to drain through. A French drain system can be used alone or combined with a dry well.

6. Create a Dry Well

A dry well is a large hole filled with gravel or some other aggregate that catches excess water and holds it while it soaks into the ground. You can increase the capacity of a dry well by burying special dry well barrels.


Don’t let a soggy yard bring you down. With these downspout drainage ideas, you can achieve better yard drainage and enjoy a healthy, beautiful landscape. Remember, before taking any action, consider consulting with a landscape contractor or soil engineer to determine the best solution for your property.