Decorating with Statement Stone: Tips and Ideas for Your Home

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your home’s interior design, consider incorporating statement stone into your decor. Statement stone refers to natural stone that takes center stage in a room’s design, whether through bold color or prominent veining. Here’s what you need to know about statement stone and how to use it in your home.

What is Statement Stone?

Statement stone is typically made of quartzite and marble, and can be used to create something unique, special, and distinguished in a room. According to Helena Brana, founder of Brana Designs, marble is a popular choice because of its range of colors and veining. Brana also loves black oyster quartzite for its contemporary look and unique veining in cream, beige, gray, and even pink tones.

How to Add Statement Stone to Your Home

Statement stone can be used in a variety of ways throughout the home, including as part of a kitchen island, a bathroom shower tile, backsplash, or countertop material, or as part of a fireplace design.

5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Designing With Statement Stone

Here are some tips from interior designers to keep in mind when designing with statement stone:

Make It Intentional

Think about the impression you want to create with statement stone before incorporating it into your home. Do you want a striking, bold look or a more muted, zen-inspired vibe? Consider the colors that speak to you and how long you plan to enjoy the space.

Consider Future Plans

If you plan to move soon, consider the resale value of your home. Avoid investing in a large swathe of stone with a limiting color or trendy cut that may turn off potential buyers. Utilize the stone in a way that amplifies its natural movement and versatility for a timeless appeal.

Think About Costs

Factor in the cost of fabrication and installation when deciding whether or not to add statement stone to your home. You can save money by searching for remnant pieces in your local fabricator’s stone yard, especially for smaller areas like bars or fireplaces.

Be Practical

Consider the location and function of the stone in your home. Some stones may not be the best choice for high-traffic areas or areas with high heat, such as a kitchen or fireplace. Consider using quartzite, which is more durable than marble, in these areas.

Balance It Out

Avoid using too many bold or striking statement stones throughout the home, or the decor will look overdone. Balance is key to achieving a cohesive and stylish look.

Incorporating statement stone into your home’s interior design can add a unique touch of elegance and sophistication. Keep these tips in mind when selecting and designing with statement stone to create a timeless, beautiful space.